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Hive of Hope is the place to go for sober entertainment in the Capital Region. Become a member today and start living your best life.

Hive of Hope is a safe haven for those committed to living their best life in sobriety.

Through fellowship, recreation, exercise, nutrition, and service, those in recovery live more fulfilled lives and help one another overcome addiction.


Thanksgiving Preparation

at the City Mission

The Hive was back at it prepping for the Thanksgiving feast at the Capital City Rescue Mission. We chopped 150lbs of onion, sliced and stacked 800lbs of turkey, and prepped 20 chafing pans of Chef Max’s famous stuffing.

Thank you to our awesome team of volunteers that showed up to show the world we do recover!


Increase Self-Esteem

Peer Support

Reduce the Stigma

Build Confidence

Enrich the Community

Be a Part of a Team


Sport nutrition. Whey protein, shaker, dumbbells on yellow background top-down flay


Substance use disorder is often accompanied by poor nutrition. Hive of Hope will offer protein shakes and other products aimed at promoting healthy digestion, weight loss, increased energy, and reduced stress.

Poster photo for tournaments, Shot on the nine ball in pool, billiard balls, white cue bal


Recreation reduces depression and anxiety, aids in the recovery of basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities, builds confidence, and teaches those in recovery how to socialize without a substance.

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The benefits of exercise to those in recovery from substance use disorder are scientifically proven and include:

1) Stress Reduction

2) Better Sleep

3) Improved Mood

4) Increased Energy

5) Stronger Immune System

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